Metropolitan of Kochi diocese (1948-'62)


Mor Severios Paulose Mulayirickal

Mor Severios Paulose was the Metropolitan of Kochi diocese of the Jacobite Syrian Church from 1948 till 1962.  He was born on 6 November 1910 as the son of Kunjittyappan and Elijiya of Muliyirickal family of the Cherai St. Mary's Church.  It was Valiya Thirumeni (the late Malankara Metropolitan St. Athanasius Paulose) who ordained him 'Korooyo' in 1926, 'Kassisso' in 1930 and 'Ramban' on 19 August 1934.   He was elected to the office of Metropolitan in 1944 at the representative meeting of the Kochi diocese held at Karingachira Church.  Two years later on 4th August 1946, he and Kassisso Thomas Varghese Vayaliparambil (for Angamali diocese), were ordained Metropolitans by names, 'Mor Severios' and 'Mor Gregorios', in a ceremony officiated by the Patriarch of Antioch & all the East Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem I at the Patriarchal Cathedral (Soonoro church) in Homs, Syria.  On return to India in October, the Metropolitans took charge of their respective dioceses from Valiya Thirumeni.

Mor Severios, a Syriac Scholar, for long was the General Secretary of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Sunday School Association.  He taught Syriac to the deacons at the Malecuriz Dayro and the Thrikkunathu Seminary.  Ever since his consecration, Mor Severios worked hard to bring the Kochi diocese to the fore front.  The Zion Seminary at Koratty (founded in 1939) and many other churches in the present Kochi and Malabar dioceses are his standing monuments.  The Koratty Seminary happened to be the diocesan headquarters and also the Metropolitan's residence ever since Mor Severios took charge of the diocesan administration.  (Though the ownership of this Church property at Koratty that was established with the contributions and efforts of the Jacobite Syrian Christians of Kochi diocese rests with the Holy Patriarch of Antioch, the Church nor its founder members does not have any control over it since the unfortunate schisms of 1970's.  It now functions as the Metropolitan's palace of Malankara Orthodox Church that separated from the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church in the last century).

A Photo taken on 1st August 1949

From left:  (1) Mor Gregorios Geevarghese Vayaliparambil,   (2) Mor Dionysius Mikhayel,  (3) VALIYA THIRUMENI (St. Athanasius Paulose, Malankara Metropolitan ),

  (4)  Mor Yulius Elias  Patriarchal delegate &   (5) MOR SEVERIOS PAULOSE MULAYIRICKAL


When in 1958 a peace accord was signed with the Malankara Orthodox faction at Kottayam, Mor Severios was away in Malabar; it is said that he was greatly disillusioned with the sudden and unforeseen turn of events.  A large section of the Syrian Christian faithful were also unsure of the outcome of the said agreement.  However, since this compromise, Mor Severios complied with that new set up until his passing away. 

The demise of Mor Severios happened unexpectedly on 17th March 1962 when he was at the Arthat St. Mary's Simhasana Church, Kunnamkulam.  The remains of the Metropolitan were interred in the Simhasana church, next day.  The mortal remains of the  St. Osthatheos Sleeba who passed away on 19th March 1930 also rests in this famous church.  Because of the tomb of the holy father (St. Osthatheos Bava), the church is popularly known as "Bava Pally". The tomb of Mor Severios stands on the extreme right side of the Haik'lo of this Simhasana church.




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